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clipping-path-dealHave you ever had a need to change the size of a picture? Maybe to email a smaller image to a friend, or for your signature at a web forum? There are many uses for resizing a graphic file, but often it can be time consuming or confusing to learn how to do.

That is the reason for this very simple free website. Based on a few open source tools, I have put together a web interface to make it quick and easy to modify graphics, or pictures, or any image file. A free online image editor.

This is not a hosting site for graphics. In fact the graphic you convert will only stay on the site for a few hours. However, if you just need to reduce the size of a few jpg files, have at it. If image rotation, image joining, sepia, or other fancy effects are what you’re after, have a look at the advanced conversion page.

Simply click on the Browse button below to search for a file on your local hardrive, choose the size of the image you would like, and click Go. The resized image will be displayed for you on the next page.

Color Correction Service

Clipping Path Deal (CPD) a pioneer handmade Clipping Paths or Silhouetting Service provider using Photoshop tools offers quality Multi Clipping Path or Color correction masking services with very quick turnaround time.
With a handful of talented graphic professionals and state of the art technology we are able to cater global clients needs specially those who are in constant search to outsource most complex Clipping Paths done on Jewelry and Apparel Clothes for e-catalogs, e-magazines and e-commerce websites, images with GIF & Flash composite animation and more.

Our Multiple clipping path service will help you to create path around individual components of a single image to change the color or do multiple filling. Change in opacity level, size and rotation and addition of filter effects is also possible. In one word you can be more creative with your image using Multiple clipping path or Color Correction Masking technique.

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Ghost Mannequin Service

Clipping Path Deal (CPD) is a pioneer clipping path outsourcing firm from Bangladesh offering quality handmade Clipping Path, knockout mask, Shadow Creation using clipping path using Photoshop tools,complex levels of clipping path service, color correction and Raster to Vector service.
Being one of the graphic design outsourcing service provider in Bangladesh, a region of low labor cost region, our skilled graphic artists remove objects from any digital image, knock out images from their original background with Photoshop pen tool wizard to enable you to place it in any desired background of your choice.

Clipping Path Deal (CPD) is a simple, fast and cost effective clipping path service provider which is reliable and accessible and the experienced Photoshop professionals works 24/7 to meet all deadlines to give clients 100% satisfaction.
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Shadow Effects Services

Clipping Path Deal (CPD) is a one stop shop for all types of image editing with clipping path or digital image silhouette to meet your creative requirements in any photo. We offer quality clipping path services at its most complex level enhancing images using shadow effects to our clients across the globe.
Are you a photographer, ad agency owner, a graphic design professional, a publishing house? You should definitely be in need of volume Photoshop clipping path service at all complex levels. We provide the best Photoshop Silo Masking solution with outsourcing benefits of low cost. Enhance your product images for online shopping websites or e-commerce websites, all types of e-catalogs & e-magazines and even product images for simple advertisement and much more using our clipping path with shadow service.

The specialty Clipping Path with Shadow of Clipping Path Deal (CPD) is categorized into:

Clipping path with Original Shadow
Clipping Path with Drop Shadow
Clipping Path with Reflection Shadow
Clipping Path Deal (CPD) offers competitive price for its Clipping Path with shadow effect service and it usually depend on the volume of work per image and the complexity level per image. We have flat rate for volume work, special discounts and seasonal offers. There is no hidden cost.

Clipping Path Services

Do you need to remove background from your image? Clipping Path Deal (CPD) is here to offer you with easy and affordable image background removal service online with 24X7 supports.
Now what do we mean by clipping path? It is nothing but vector lines applied for outlining a separation within an image and the background in which it is placed. This vector line or clipping path is the basic or urgent requirement for any type of graphic design or image manipulation work. Though easy, the clipping path task demands expertise and preciseness.

The highly skilled artists of Clipping Path Deal draws the clipping paths using Photoshop pen tool with high accuracy and precision, to give your image clean as well as smooth edge ready for any applications. We provides a twenty four hours turnaround time on background removal service.

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How to Best Use the Clipping Path Technique?

Software these days have made the lives of developers quite easy. While a software developer is busy with coding, they do need the support from the design for software to be successful. When it comes to graphic designing or editing a photo the name of adobe Photoshop would come to the minds of many. One of the most important tools for designing or editing a photo is clipping path. For those who do not know the clipping path service allows you to use a certain portion of the picture. For example, if you have taken the photo of a building, the problem is that the neighboring building would come in focus as well. In order to cut up the required area, you would need the help of clipping path technique. It is not like cropping, when you crop you cannot go through curves neatly.

main-qimg-c03bf0dbec37b7f85d12155128dff705-cYou might be thinking that using the eraser would be just as better as using the clipping path technique. What you need to understand is that clipping is done for images which are bigger in size. The processing for erasing that much data from an image would take much more time and effort. if you want to get the cut of a face from an image, then things like hairs and other small details would be hard to get from an eraser; this is why clipping path service is preferred.

Photoshop clipping path technique is by far the easiest to use. You can use the world famous pen of the Photoshop for slipping. The best thing about the pen is that you can around the image with it and convert it in selecting. This allows you to just about anything with the image. Bezier curves help in outlining the image, hence making clipping path service easier for the developer. For those who do not know, the Bezier curves allow you to place a point, for the curves, the trick is that you can go back and change the point and readjust the curve.

Apart from Photoshop clipping path, this services is provided by many other softwares. GIMP is another one which is remarkable. It is free just like Adobe Photoshop and a decent alternative to it. You are able to retouch the digital image and do with it as you please. However, if you want the work to be done neatly and of high quality it would be better that you rely on clipping path service of Adobe Photoshop. The clipping path offered by GIMP is dirty and not of that much quality. The only plus point of using this interface is that it is easier to use and beginners should probably start by it. You need to define points for the curve to be selected in GIMP.

Another one of the famous softwares for photo editing is Corel photo paint. One of the best tools in this software is the clipping path tool. The usage of this tool is quite similar to that of adobe photo shop. You can use the Bezier curve along with the clipping path service, which makes your work even easier. However the feature which makes this tool stands out is its vector drawing tool. When it comes to vector drawing, illustrator might be coming to your mind. The thing about Corel photo paint is that it has the best points of photo shop and illustrator when it comes to using the clipping path tool. This however does not mean that the other vector based drawing softwares like freehand or illustrator are of no use. These are no doubt above ranked than Corel photo paint.